Horses | Woody


Hes A Hollywood Jac is a 1998, 14.2hh, AQHA gelding.   My father purchased Woody for me to learn reining on in 2005.  True to his nature, Woody went above and beyond teaching me not only about reining but also about how to properly use my seat and how to work a horse through and over his back.  Eventually Woody became my dressage partner. Woody and I schooled through third level but unfortunately only made it to one rated show before his years as a reiner caught up with his hocks.  Nevertheless, in his one rated show, Woody still managed to earn qualifying scores at 1.3 and 2.3. 


In addition to being a super little athlete, Woody also has an incredible—even if somewhat grumpy—disposition.  He takes care of his rider and generally knows just how much they can handle in the way of “pony antics” (*I*, of course, am the only one who he really likes to throw shenanigans at).  Though I never envisioned my dressage horse as a stubby, 14.2 hh QH, Woody is easily the best horse I’ve ever owned and I don’t think many like him come around in a lifetime.


Despite his arthritis Woody still loves to work and is currently being used to give confidence to riders new to dressage as well as teach them about contact and using their seat effectively.



For more on Woody's antics, visit The Idea of Order, which is largely inspired by him.