Morgane Schmidt Gabriel is a native of central Florida and began her riding career at age fifteen.   At the time her focus was on eventing so she spent her first years in the saddle learning important things like when to grab mane and how to mount her 16.3hh TB from the ground when she failed at the former.  She and her first horse, Skye, competed through Training level.

While in college, Morgane’s focus shifted to dressage (with a short jaunt into the world of reining as well).  She spent the majority of her time working with green horses of various ages, breeding, and backgrounds and focusing on her own seat rather than showing.  During this time she had the opportunity to work with top trainers Bo Jena, Bill Woods, Pierre Cousyn, and Heidi Ericksen.

Morgane moved to Reno, NV in the winter of 2011 and began seriously teaching and training in early 2012.  Once in Reno, she began training with USDF Gold medalist Seana Adamson, whom she continues to work with multiple times a week on both her up-and-coming PSG horse and her three year old Dutch gelding.  Morgane has received her USDF Bronze and Silver Medals.

Morgane’s training program focuses heavily on the basics.  For horses, this includes working through the training pyramid to ensure that there are no ‘holes’ in the foundation of their work.  She also seeks to build a positive working relationship with each horse so that each is a partner in the process.  For riders, she focuses on helping her students develop solid basics such as the correct seat and a forward working hand.  Having a solid foundation is critical before moving on to upper level work.  Morgane is an advocate of lunge line lessons to help riders develop their seat as well as build confidence.

Prior to relocating to Reno, Morgane was a high school teacher in the International Baccalaureate program.  Her expertise in the field of education has given her the appropriate skills to be an extremely effective teacher.  She enjoys the unique challenges presented with each horse and rider combination and finding the best way to communicate the subtleties of dressage to them. 

Morgane welcomes riders of all ages and levels as well as horses of various breeds and backgrounds.  It is her firm belief that all horses and riders--regardless of ability or goals--can benefit from dressage.